January 22, 2009

Wall Hanging is Finished

Posted in All things crafty and scholarly tagged , , , at 12:48 am by charsfabrications

Here it is in progress with another inch and a half to go:

pict1305After about two and a half hours of weaving by hand, I finished my “wall hanging.” I think I will use as a pot holder instead because it’s made of all natural fibers so it won’t melt. All of the yarn is Lamb’s Pride Bulky except for the middle section which is handspun. A woman in my guild passed away around the time I joined, whom I met once but did not know personally. Those who knew her speak of her fondly. She had a house full of fiber and several animals, and most of the fibrous items (yarn, roving, fleece from her animals, some equipment, etc.) were generously donated to our guild, which we auctioned off within the guild. This way everyone got their fair share of the goodies they wanted and the guild made a small profit. I bought some red wool with a very small amount of blue-ish strands of fiber in it. I think it might be mohair, but I will call it the mystery fiber anyway. I can’t be sure. 

pict1311I will try to get another photo of the final product, and one that shows the handspun better. I think I need a better camera to take better photos that I’m proud of. I’m sorry these are all blurry.


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