February 9, 2009

Shaped Weaving

Posted in All things crafty and scholarly at 10:43 am by charsfabrications

My half scale weaving was finished and handed in last week. It’s on display upstairs in the Human Ecology building along with all of the other weavings created for the class. dsc005352

100% cotton yarn, 100% polyester fabric

My piece is titled “Oceanic Cinderella,” inspired by Disney’s Cinderella dancing on the beach with her prince. The weaving process was not too difficult. I decided to use fabric for my weft because I had the perftct Cinderella blue fabric and so I would be done faster. It worked out well because the edges of the fabric frayed and look a little dismantled which goes along with the fringed bottom edge. I should also add that I did not iron the fabric before I cut the strips for weaving or after it was finished. I thought it would add to the disheveled-ness of it, but after seeing the photos I wish I would have ironed it.

The dress consists of two triangles for the bust, two rectangles for the skirt, and one large triangle for the back of the skirt. Braids make up the halter ties and the back skirt decoration. 




My avant garde project is barely started and I should get going on it… last class a three out of the five sergers were not working and I could not fix them… it set me back a bit so the next few classes i will have to work harder to get everything done on time. 

Anyway, my piece is inspired by H&M’s summer 2009 collection, which can be seen here: http://www.fashiontrendsetter.com/content/style_notes/2009/Variety-in-Fashion-at-HM-This-Season.html

The last textile science lab required that the unknown samples be tested for specific gravity and absorbency/moisture regain. Those tests pointed out my fabric could be lyocell or rayon, which are synthetic. I’m happy it matched up with my last tests. : )



  1. christine haag said,

    WOW!!!! that is a great piece, such creativity! I love it….. hope the teachers like it as much as I do!
    This isn’t the fabric left from the wedding attendant gowns I made from Sara’s wedding, is it?
    this blog is great to see what you are up to!!! Christine

  2. charsfabrications said,

    I’m not sure if it’s from the gowns from the wedding, but it is fabric from your stash that you let me rummage through! I have a feeling most of what I took will be used in this class : ) Thank you thank you thank you : )

  3. christine haag said,

    OH, I am so excited that you made it from the same fabric as the wedding Sara was in, not her attendants… oops,,, little memory lapse there! I had made attendant gowns for her sister-in-law’s wedding… I will dig up a photo for you!I can’t tell you what pleasure it gives me to see what you created with it! (and helped to clean out my cupboard as well!) Christine

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