February 11, 2009

Student Fashion Society Fashion Show!!!

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Sooner or later, I knew I would have to post about the annual fashion show. (Though I’m not complaining.) Completely produced by the Student Fashion Society, any member of the club may design, model, help coordinate the models, do promotions, or help design the theme, decorations, set up, etc. It’s am amazing production put on by Oneonta students interested in fashion.

Last year, as a freshman, I won second place with my line of five outfits out of 47 designers. Part of being a designer entails designing and sketching ideas, finding models, constructing the garments, fitting the garments to the models, finding music for your scene, coordinating hair and make up, and thoroughly making sure everyone is set to walk the runway. Overwhelming as it it is, it’s a great experience. 

My theme this year is just a naturalistic feel. I plan on only using natural materials like cotton, silk, wool, and a few other natural fibers. Some nuno felting may appear. My avant garde project for Innovations in Wearable Art will most likely make it into the fashion show, therefore, I will not post the photos of it and spoil its entrance at the fashion show!

This Sunday is “Model Bootcamp,” which really just means the models walk to the music to see how long your line will be, the order of your models, the path your models will take,  the poses they will do, and the general feel of your line. 

I will post more details about the show soon. : )


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  1. my8kidsmom said,

    congrats on second place!!!

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