March 21, 2009

It’s going to be a long day…

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Dress rehearsal went well last night; here is a teaser photo! 


I awoke at 5 AM this morning. Maybe because I’m so nervous or maybe because in the back of my foggy morning brain I know I still have to finish the dress I will be wearing and hem another dress… as well as clean up my room and get beautified for the show!


March 14, 2009

Last Weekend’s Relaxation

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One of my favorite places in Oneonta is above Hartwick College. It’s a place (officially or unofficially, I don’t know) called Table Rock. It’s a quite a hike to walk all the way from Oneonta’s campus to Hartwick’s, but if you drive to the base of the hike it’s not too bad. Last weekend the beautiful weather inspired my boyfriend and I to take a trip to the top.

dsc00664The view overlooks West Oneoonta, which isn’t that pretty, but I love the feeling of being so high up and being able to see so far. It’s slightly frightening to be standing on the rocky cliffs, but I’m always so inspired about life up there. dsc00702Maybe tomorrow I will take a hike to Table Rock because it’s supposed to be 53 degrees. : ) Only if I get all my homework done though…

March 11, 2009


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The fashion show is a little over a week away! March 21st at 6 PM, doors open at 5. Costs $2 per ticket presale and $4 at the door. 

My garments were all approved today… now it’s onto accessories and final touches to the garments! I’m getting really excited. I want to get all of my models together to try on all the garments and see the shoes they have. I may have my models go barefoot again this year if their shoes don’t all coordinate!

My line is fifth in the second half of the show. I think it’s a good time; people are seated after intermission, yet not too tired to see my fabulous line. ; ) 

I have found out that my fabric for textile science is a blend of rayon and acetate. The acetate vanished and dissolved in acetone, and the rayon was demolished by hydro-chloric acid. It was awesome to see the changes, but I do not recommend anyone to try experimenting at home. We did these tests in a laboratory specifically designed for these tests and under the supervision of a qualified professor.