March 14, 2009

Last Weekend’s Relaxation

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One of my favorite places in Oneonta is above Hartwick College. It’s a place (officially or unofficially, I don’t know) called Table Rock. It’s a quite a hike to walk all the way from Oneonta’s campus to Hartwick’s, but if you drive to the base of the hike it’s not too bad. Last weekend the beautiful weather inspired my boyfriend and I to take a trip to the top.

dsc00664The view overlooks West Oneoonta, which isn’t that pretty, but I love the feeling of being so high up and being able to see so far. It’s slightly frightening to be standing on the rocky cliffs, but I’m always so inspired about life up there. dsc00702Maybe tomorrow I will take a hike to Table Rock because it’s supposed to be 53 degrees. : ) Only if I get all my homework done though…


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  1. christine haag said,

    hey, good to see you take a break…. things must be starting to get hectic with homework, work and the fashion show! Stay calm and enjoy …. you could be doing this fashion show stuff the rest of your life!!! 🙂 Christine

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