April 7, 2009

Spring Break

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:52 pm by charsfabrications

So far my spring break has consisted of sewing, drawing, and more sewing. 

Today I made a simple skirt on the bias with striped fabric. The end result is cute and will look great for summer. : ) Then I started on a pair of shorts. The first step is the fly front zipper and I can’t figure it out! Somehow there is always a pleat at the bottom on the front, which does not meet the stitching for the crotch. I will play around with it more tomorrow (before a trip to the thrift store!!!) as all of my family members are in bed! I will work on some textile science labs until I retire. 

Wearable art has challenged me… a garment made of non-traditional materials. I thought making something out of yellow rubber gloves would be cool, but some close friends and guild members thought that would be ugly and sweaty (and rightly so… I wasn’t exactly sold on the idea, rubber gloves smell bad.) So instead I have decided to use something else that will be sweaty. A shower curtain. And about 40 bunches of fake flowers. I have cut out the front for the dress so far. I can’t make up my mind what the design should be and where the “focal point” should be. The focal point of the garment is usually not seen by my teacher, so this time I should make it SUPER obvious so maybe she sees it. 

Photos to come when I’m back at school.


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